My  Story

I had the privilege of growing up in beautiful Europe filled with the old and new world charm and scenic beauty.

From the age of 7, I spent mysummers working for my grandfather - a great doctor, who taught me to have compassion and respect for people in all walks of life, and to put my heart into everything I do.  I was taught to be a woman of virtue and a woman of integrity, to have strong principles and values, to strive to be the best I could be, and to achieve what I wanted in life with hard work and dedication. All of these combined with my love for God and spiritual greatness shaped who I am today. 

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Irena Richards

​​Over the years I have committed to develop my skills and abilities, and I have been able to deliver an exemplary record of performance. Utilizing my skill set, hard work , and dedication, I have been able to exceed expectations in all positions that I have held.  

I have gained a vast array of experience in multiple areas including management, business retention, sales, audit, compliance, fraud prevention, research and development, marketing, public relations and real estate. My awards, recognition, and philanthropic pursuits are testament of my exemplary work and passion for success - to make a difference in life and the knowledge to know the difference.

​At the age of 13, I decided to study Management and foreign languages in  Intellect, the best academy of finance and management, and for months I was rigorously tested in variety of fields. 

From the thousands of applicants, I was handpicked  to be trained by the best - top teachers from US and Bulgaria. My knowledge of the teachings of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche, Goethe and other philosophers made it possible for the academy to be  ranked #2 in the entire country in philosophy. 

With immense gratitude and  respect for those that dedicated their lives to seek  uniqueness and teach the best, I  arrived  in the land of unknown - the Island of Cyprus. I worked 3 jobs while I studied in one of the top  colleges,  and  I  was able to maintain high grades while paying for my own education. I was blessed with the opportunity to become a sales and public relations executive in a chain of hotels, and shortly thereafter I became a hotel manager at the best resort in the eastern Mediterranean. Soon after, God brought in my life another opportunity, this time as a broker officer in the Cyprus Stock - Exchange. I became the backbone of compliance and daily operations for over 4 years. While I worked I also earned two full academic scholarships to study philosophy in Paris, France and an MBA in finance in the US. I also launched a successful public relations company representing an international business in Cyprus.

I recruited quality professionals, increased revenue, and expanded the business significantly by landing a contract to represent 8 countries.